Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Events: Raclette

This party came about as a happy accident. I was talking about visiting my mom at work and all the delicious food that I was going to eat while I was there - let's be honest, I really only care about food, it's the reason I travel. I was describing Leelanau Raclette cheese to Caitlyn (because it's my favorite cheese) and Barb started talking about how much she likes Raclette. It took us a good five minutes to realize that while we were using the same word, we were talking about entirely different things. Thus, the plan to have a raclette party was born!

I know I linked it above but to clarify raclette is a cheese and a Swiss style of cooking involving (usually) a granite "grilling" surface. It reminded me of fondue in that everyone sits around the table and talks while their food is cooking. 

Barb hosted this time and provided all our delicious choices.

I baked Peasant Bread and brought the coveted raclette cheese (this is like a form of currency in my family. I had to fight off several members for the quarter wheel I got.) 

We started with some grilled onions to season the stone and then ate to our hearts content! Each person gets a little tray to put underneath to stone to melt cheese in and when the cheese it good and melty (I liked mine a little crispy around the edges) you scrape it off onto your meat and veggies as they finish cooking. Everything was so simple and delicious!

Caitlyn brought a Chocolate Mouse for dessert (so good!) and we all just relaxed and had a wonderful time. I can't wait to do this again!


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  1. No wonder I have yet to see the pictures you took for me haha That was a really good time :-)