Saturday, November 22, 2014

Status Update: The Tl;Dr Version (Too long; Didn't read)

It's been a long while, hasn't it? I'm sorry. I've been a terrible friend. Can you ever forgive me? You can? We'll get past this and it'll be just like old times? I knew we were friends for a reason! So where was I? Ah, yes, updates!

I made some things:
So many perler beads, but I finally finished this! Three months later! (It's about 3 feet long)

Finally repainted the mirror I've had sitting around for months a year. Now it hangs beautifully in the living room.

I cooked a lot:
Black beans & Rice, Homemade burgers

Beer can chicken (with sides), Burgers, grilled salmon, corn, etc (this is what happens with my family)

Spaghetti & Meatballs, Pumpkin cookies

Peasant bread, Oktoberfest stew

Double fudge cookies (made by the cousin as I made more bread), Personal pizzas

Shrimp scampi

I moved, again, but now I live with friends (and crazy cats) and we have fun.

The first load of boxes, and modeling my collection of scarves (I have a problem) (and yes that's a person under there)

I went to New York & Seattle over the summer:

New York! (More on this later, probably)

Seattle! Featuring the Bridge Troll and the skyline! (more on this later too)

Some friends got married:
Lisa & David

Raina & Daniel 
(me with the bride, Daniel ran off somewhere)

And finally, I made my own change from this to this:

Yeah buddy!

All in all a good time! I'm break down some of these into their own posts as I have a lot of pictures from trips and parties that have been attended. 

Until next time!


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