Sunday, November 30, 2014

Skill Mastery: December Photo Challenge

With December fast approaching (tomorrow!) I'm getting into the holiday spirit! Nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas like snow, of course, all of our snow just melted. My backyard no longer makes me want to go frolic in the cold.

See ya, beautiful backyard.

Today is the day for Christmas decorating (excitement!) and I'm putting up the tree and lights despite that threat of cats getting into everything. My roommates and I should take bets on how long it will take them to knock over the tree, it's not an if but a when. 

Now that it's after Thanksgiving I can comfortably listen to Christmas music without feeling a mounting annoyance at the fact that retailers try to capitalize on holidays way before they should. But I digress. This Indie Christmas playlist is making up for the lack of snow to fuel my decorating spirit. Also this one.

The entire purpose of this post was to talk about the December photo-a-day challenge that I'm picking up. I mean, I take pictures all the time anyways, why not throw in a challenge for some fun, right? Below is the list and it seems like fun.

Join me if you like, we can compare photos! I'll be posting all of my pictures on Instagram as I take them and here on a weekly basis.


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